Snow White poisoned apple reading pillow design 4 styles

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Three sizes included - 4x4, 5x7, 7x12 in each format.
There are 4 versions of the image portion of the design included-
outline sketch without colour - ideal for all fabrics.
Partial fill - ok for all fabrics and has a more sketched look
Light fill - this is a lighter filled design than the full fill with lots of shading and gradients in an open style stitch so ideal for lighter colour fabrics and good for most fabric choices- ideally a good quality cotton with adequate stabilization.
Full Fill - this is a more stitch intensive design with several layers of stitching and shading to give  depth and a realistic look, this design is better suited to heavier fabrics, lighter fabrics will need a good heavy stabilizer and I recommend the use of a temporary adhesive basting spray - eg 505 to help hold the fabric in place to reduce registration errors which are more likely to occur on denser designs.
The text on the 4x4 size will require two separate hoopings- a 1:1 scale pdf worksheet is included for each part of the 4x4 design to help aid placement. Generally I split smaller text into multiple hoops is so that you get the biggest size and best quality possible without having everything squished into one single hoop.
There are two text styles included so you can choose whichever one you feel like stitching as you please.

This is for a downloadable file only. This is not an iron on patch and you will not receive any tangible goods. Upon purchase you will receive a downloadable zip file with embroidery files in the most common formats:
This image is exclusively hand drawn, manually digitised and formatted by myself and subsequently the ownership of the image and files in all digital formats belong to myself, please do not copy resell, share or trade these files in any way. The wording is also my own work. I remain the legal owner and creator of the designs at all times. By purchasing these designs you are free to use the physical embroidered end results as you wish and they can be used freely as part of a finished article that you have manufactured yourself to resell etc and can be mixed and matched with other designs as you wish - creativity is fab!
The image sizes are approximate and should you wish to resize it or alter them you do so at your own liberty but I can not take any responsibility for distortion or defects of the embroidered image due to alterations you make yourself.
I test every image I digitise myself on my own embroidery machine to ensure the finished design is free from defects if used in the supplied format and sizes appropriately. The thread colours listed on the design are for guidance only and the thread colours I have used on my designs may differ to your own so please adjust and convert accordingly to your requirements. When converting into the appropriate files certain formats don't convert the colours correctly, this wont affect the stitched design but if you have trouble converting the colours I'm happy to provide a running order and colour guide.
Snow White poisoned apple reading pillow design 4 styles
Snow White poisoned apple reading pillow design 4 styles
Snow White poisoned apple reading pillow design 4 styles
Snow White poisoned apple reading pillow design 4 styles